Paradigm Refrain


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Paradigm Refrain is a Brooklyn-based trio that has been performing improvised music for a decade. Its formation is: Fraser Campbell, Scottish tenor player and composer, Nico Soffiato, Italian guitarist and composer and Noel Brennan, drummer and turntablist from Maine. “Leyden Jar” was produced and recorded by Marco Buccelli, a drummer best known for his work with Xenia Rubinos (ANTI Records). 


This project begins with a set of improvised pieces which are later processed and transformed through a sonic metamorphosis. The trio is deeply rooted in the New York experimental and Downtown scene and brings this tradition in the studio. After selecting a few pieces from the session, producer Marco Buccelli takes some melodic fragments, subtle grooves, glitchy guitar textures and he adds drum machines, processes musical ideas with the use of MPC, feeds drum tracks into tape machines and synthesizers, reminiscent of J Dilla’s multi-step processes. The result is a murky soundscape, full of electronic beats and grooves on one side and stillness and shape-shifting ambient music in the style of Bibio on the other. 


-Fraser Campbell, tenor sax, clarinet, flute, live electronics 

-Nico Soffiato, baritone guitar, live electronics 

-Noel Brennan, drums and percussions 

-Marco Buccelli: modular synths, synthesizers, sampling, MPC programming. 


*** Tracked, mixed and produced by Marco Buccelli at MGB Studio in June and October 2017.



Great Shapes Records is a Brooklyn based record label, started in 2017 by JJ Byars and Fraser Campbell. Producing creative and experimental art-pop, rock and jazz acts.

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